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LiceLice Baby is an all-natural, head-lice removal service. We put your fears at ease by helping you and your family to identify, treat and prevent head-lice in our clinic.


LiceLice Baby is owned and operated by Becky Simonson, a well known cosmetologist in the Rockwall area for the last 12 years. She is a mother who understands the stress of her family getting head lice.


For years, Becky has dealt first hand with the concerns from her clients battling lice infestation in their home. While searching for answers for her clients, Becky soon realized how big of a problem this has become with no one to turn to in the community for help. Becky decided it was time to change that, that is when LiceLice Baby was born. Trained and certified under the Shepherd Institute, we practice strand-by-strand nit removal method to insure complete elimination. 


Our mission is to make Lice-Removal less scary while maintaining privacy and giving you a stress-free experience.

At LiceLice Baby we are a 100% toxin and pesticide free company that has your family’s interest at best.


Here at LiceLice Baby WE would recommend a salon visit/treatment. We are equipped with the proper seating and lighting to give you the best treatment possible.

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  • Brushes spread lice.

  • Pets spread lice.

  • Shaving your child's head is the best way to get rid of lice.

  • Lice can be suffocated with olive oil or Vaseline

  • Cleaning your house will get rid of the parasites.

  • If you or your child gets lice, they’re not dirty.

  • Lice will go away on their own, without treatment.

  • You have to blow up your house or use gasoline to treat.

  • Putting JUST tea tree oil in shampoos and conditioner alone will keep lice away.


  • Head Lice strive off clean hair

  • Lice do NOT fly or jump

  • Lice feed off human blood

  • Lice rarely live more than 24 hours after being separated from blood supply.

  • One can't die from Lice, but if gone untreated it can cause serious infections from scratching.

  • Scratching from having Lice is from an allergic reaction from the saliva they produce.

  • Lice are attracted to certain blood types more than others.

  • Lice MUST be treated or it will lead to a major infestation, it will not go away if left untreated.

  • With following LiceLice Baby’s recommendations you WILL be free of lice.

  • When using essential oils for preventive care like “tea tree” be careful to do your research due to oils having a high potency and could be dangerous.

  • Lice have evolved over time to be stronger and resistant to OTC and prescription treatments.

  • Head-to- Head is the #1 way lice is spread between people.


From the moment you call us here at LiceLice Baby in Rockwall,  we completely understand how stressful your unplanned “lice situation” is for you and your family. Our #1 goal is, beside eliminating the bugs, it is to take the stress away from the actual treatment process. Once your family arrives, paperwork is completed and we go over some basic questions on your particular case we will, with consent, start the treatment process as well as Head-Checks for the entire family. Before treatment or during your family is provided with drinks and snacks to choose from, as well as a good age appropriate movie or tv show to watch. If TV or movies isn’t their thing, we have tablets with tons of games to play with.


Our clinic is VERY warm and welcoming to all that come through our door.  Our staff is VERY understanding to the situation at hand and will handle your family with care. Once Treatment is complete you will be set up with your follow-up appointments as well as “At home instructions” and “Cleaning Check list” – VERY important in the elimination process.


By Appointment Only


Headcheck – NEW Client    $25.00
Headcheck – Returning Client            $15.00
Monday to Friday 9am-3pm
1st Hour of Treatment$90.00
Each Additional 15 mins$20.00
Monday to Friday 3pm-11pm
1st Hour of Treatment$120.00
Each Additional 15 mins$25.00
1st Hour of Treatment$150.00
Each Additional 15 mins$30.00

It is our opinion that hourly pricing is the most fair and ethical way to bill our clients.

  • You do not pay for a full hour if we do not spend a full hour on your treatment.

  • Treatment time depends on length, thickness of hair and severity of infestation.

  • Why should a treatment that takes 30 minutes cost the same as a treatment that takes 1 1/2 hours?

  • All family members and caregivers must be checked by LiceLice Baby within the first 24 hours in order to receive our 30 day Guarantee.

  • Family Discounts Available

  • Evening and weekend appointments available.

  • Walk-ins welcomed but not guaranteed. Secure appointment with calling ahead and booking.

  • Strict 24 hour cancellation policy.

  • Please Call Lice Lice Baby with any questions: (972) 333-1739


All Head Lice Treatments include a 30-Day Guarantee. Follow the LiceLice Baby guidelines and you will be guaranteed for 30 days from the date of initial treatment.  IN SALON ONLY! LiceLice Baby clients are lice and nit free after only ONE head lice treatment in most cases. We stand by our work, and believe so strongly in our methods, that we are proud to offer a 30-day guarantee—the best in the industry. Our guarantee requires a final intensive lice check on day 3, 4 or 5 following the initial treatment. This intensive check must be performed in order for the 30 day guarantee to be honored.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  

LiceLice Baby 30-Day Guarantee Guidelines:

  1. Clients will be readmitted to school, camp or daycare immediately following the initial lice removal treatment — GUARANTEED.

  2. Clients must complete treatments with LiceLice Baby– including the mandatory final check. 3. All immediate family members (those living under one roof) must be checked and treated, if necessary, by LiceLice Baby, Removal Services. Families with two households must have all family members and caregivers, in both households, checked and if necessary, treated by LiceLice Baby. All initial checks must be completed within the first 24 hours of performing the initial head lice treatment. If all family members are not checked, and treated if necessary by LiceLice Baby within the first 24 hours, then the guarantee is void. Guarantee only applies to those treated. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  3. Failure to show-up or cancel a 3-5 day final check will result in forfeiture of the guarantee. NO EXCEPTIONS. Head lice checks can occur only at LiceLice Baby salon.

  4. If any head lice are found at anytime during the guarantee, clients must save what is found. If bugs are not saved, clients will be required to pay for a check to determine if there is any evidence of head lice—NO EXCEPTIONS.

  5. If head lice are discovered at anytime during the guarantee, clients will be recombed for free. There must be evidence of live lice in order for the guarantee to apply. Guidelines will be the same for an original treatment including required checking and treating all family members if necessary. NO EXCEPTIONS. Rechecks for family members are paid checks.

* 3-5 day final lice checks are only required for the treated person.

LiceLice Baby

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